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Pequeñ_a rika se masturba para su novio.

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“I see it and I don't believe it. Is she cured?” Amira asked. “I don't know. We will have to wait a while to be sure.” As the minutes went by, Rianna began to enter into an orgasmic loop. Every new climax started even before the previous one ended. She twisted and contracted with violent spasms of absolute bliss. Her mind was now completely empty of thought and her body had surrendered to its new inhabitants. Meanwhile, the mind-controlling parasite recoiled to the deepest corner of her brain as a last resort of survival. “Her eyes still look green, which means the mind-controlling parasite is still in there,” Sapphire said. “Well, I know what we can do while we wait.” Amira said seductively. Two hours later, Amira had her face between Sapphire's legs, sucking her friend's clitoris with eagerness. Sapphire had made her cum two times already and it was time to repay the favor. “Yess!! Right there!” Sapphire screamed. Rianna's condition was the same. Usually, only one pleasure-parasite was needed to satisfy a woman but she had dozens inside of her. The overwhelmed woman had reached climax countless times and there were still more to come. Right in the middle of Sapphire's orgasm, Rianna screamed louder than the previous times. Amira turned her head just in time to see one of the creatures in midair, expelled from Rianna's pussy after a forceful contraction. “Holy crap! The creatures are flying off!” After that, Rianna slouched unconscious on the bed. Amira hurried to pick up the creature from the floor, like trying to save a most valuable possession. “Our poor little fellow here came flying out of Rianna's pussy.” “Ok. I guess its time to see if Rianna is cured.” Sapphire pulled Rianna's limp body to the edge of the bed and lifted her torso trying to wake her up. This was the moment of truth. “Rianna, wake up! Can you hear me?” Sapphire asked out loud. “She came so many times. She must be exhausted,” Amira said. Rianna opened her eyes and they looked normal. So far so good. Then she asked.. “You were mind-controlled and you were working for a group of slavers. Do you remember anything about that? Did you remember someone named Gorogn?” “Slavers? Gorogn? Yes... I remember that name. I was taken... there was a spaceship.” “Can you remember where you were taken? Where is this spaceship?” Sapphire's heart was racing from excitement. Gorogn was in this planetary system! Therefore, her captive mother must be close as well. Suddenly, Rianna let out a gasp and moaned softly while her eyes rolled back. Her entire body shivered as if she was having a spontaneous orgasm. “What? Is she having another orgasm?” Amira asked confused. “The pleasure parasites most be doing their magic inside of her,” Sapphire said, not really sure. Rianna's eyes rolled down and they had changed! There were still infected! She whispered a few words confirming the failure of the healing process.

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