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I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, as there is finally a sex scene. I'm sorry you had to wait so long between those kinds of scenes. I'll admit that I kind of got carried away in creating the story and mostly forgot about it. I felt this one flowed with the story though. I thought I would take a moment to answer a few questions that have been in the comments. Someone asked if Lythia was a character based on me: HELL NO! She is modeled more on my younger sister! If I had to pick one for me I would say Lisbeth! But that's just my own pick. Captius is the one that created most of the characters personalities so you would really need to ask him. Someone else also said that they didn't know what I was doing to keep him writing, but to keep it up. I can explain that simply: I bug him constantly until he caves and gives me what I want. Just the other day I bribed him to keep writing. Captius got a PS Vita and I got another chapter produced :P lol. No, it was a birthday present really, but he knew there were strings attached. As for when the next chapter will be out, I hope to have him finish it by Saturday evening if possible. With his younger brother in town it might take a little longer, but I hope not. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and are looking forward to the next installment. ***Disclaimer*** This is not my story. I have not edited it or changed it in any way. This is the original work of Captius. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Last chapter someone asked if I knew what sleep was.... yes... yeah I know what sleep is. Real question is do I miss it? Hell yes! lol no.... but really, I can manage to get 8-10 hours of sleep, write/edit/brainstorm, read, play some VGs, and even do some house cleaning before the day is over lol. NOTE: for those of you feeling confused by the fact there are two chapter threes, I am sorry. This chapter is the actual chapter three while the other one was actually chapter two. Sorry for any confusion. Richard was woken up early the morning of the trip by Coni and found himself getting dressed and walking out into the cold winter morning without breakfast. Their journey would take them two and a half days by carriage and he really wasn’t looking forward to that. It would be cold, bumpy, and annoying because he had to deal with Lythia's bad attitude with no way to get away from her. They would also be accompanied by some of the staff from the mansion who would prepare their meals and attend to their needs when they stopped for short rests. Queen Reiea would be leaving later that day, after she took care of some pressing matters, and they would meet her there later. Also along for the trip was a small contingent of soldiers led by a Knight Captain. It was necessary for them to travel with guards because of the war and the Proud family was royalty. Still, it felt weird for Richard who had never been this close to the military before. It was dangerous to travel alone though, even through the southern regions of the kingdom. Richard knew that. He had been wearing his bracer ever since they left and every once in a while he would find himself rubbing his hand against it without thinking. If anything came up they would be prepared. It also didn't hurt that in his bag was the gun he had bought from Earth. That would probably be enough to scare anything or anyone away. One thing Richard noticed as they continued eastwards was that the temperature outside the carriage was gradually getting warmer. It wasn't so warm that you could go outside without a cloak on, but it was getting there. When he awoke on the second day of the trip he actually found that he could see shoots of grass sticking up from the snow covered ground and birds were singing in the distance. When he asked Aura if they were still heading east she just smiled and nodded her head, a look in her eyes that said she would be entertained some time down the line. Coni spent most of the trip in the back of the carriage reading her book and writing notes. Apparently she was looking for ways to increase security at the academy for when school started up and also still keep the atmosphere the same as it had always been. Being the student council president she had a lot of work to do even when school wasn't open, and Richard kind of felt bad for her. The break was meant as a reprieve for the students after their first term exams and Coni didn't seem to be getting any rest at all. It was her last year though; maybe she was just doing her best to leave the school in a better place then when she had first arrived there. Lythia and Lisbeth passed the time by gossiping about random things and sleeping, but whenever Lythia got bored she became a nightmare to deal with and on more than one occasion Richard seriously contemplated walking with the soldiers. It would be cold and hard but at least he wouldn’t have to put up with her. Thankfully Lisbeth tried to keep her occupied as much as possible and with the help of Aura there wasn't too much whining. To make better time it was decided that after a long break they would continue on through the night and pass through the Elothian borders while everyone slept in the carriage. When Richard finally awoke with a cramped neck and sore legs he looked out the window and was absolutely stunned with what he found. There wasn't a single flake of snow on the vibrant green and brown ground and the air smelled of blooming flowers. The breeze was very warm and every plant and tree he saw reminded him of being in some tropical destination. A small and winding road led through thick jungle on either side and Richard could only see through the vines, trees, bushes, and other plants just far enough to notice that the further you went in the darker it got. It was hard to believe that just the previous night they had been travelling through wet snow and shivering winds. 'Wow…' he heard Lisbeth breath from the other side of the carriage. He looked over and found her peering through the window on her side, her eyes wide and filled with amazement. 'This place is so pretty!' 'Welcome to Elothia,' Aura yawned as she had just woken up. Her hair was matted and her eyes heavy with sleep but she still smiled at the two teenagers who were struck with awe. 'We should probably arrive at the capital city in another few hours.' 'Is it always this warm here?' Richard asked as he took off his heavy cloak and tossed it over a sleeping Lythia who didn't so much as stir. 'No, it gets much warmer. You're visiting in the winter so of course it will be a bit cooler.' 'I'm so glad I packed skirts as well as pants,' Lisbeth beamed and tore her eyes away from the window just long enough to do so. The further the carriage took them the thicker the jungle outside seemed to get, and the sickly sweet smell of moist soil and growing plants permeated the air. Only an hour after waking up, which had been shortly after sunrise, Richard had to take off his jacket because he was starting to sweat. He had never been somewhere that was this hot before and he was having trouble believing he could ever get stand their summers. Right now the temperature was already higher than what he was used to back in Washington during the summers and it wasn't even midday yet. Lythia seemed to be having just as much trouble adjusting to the heat as him because she woke up a little while later in a foul mood and screaming at him for covering her in his thick winter cloak. He thought she was bad on cold mornings, but it turned out she was a hundred times worse when she was overheating. For the next three hours she complained about every little thing and Coni had to be restrained before she could shove the younger sister out the door and lock it. Richard wasn't even able to enjoy the view anymore and found himself dealing more with the girl than actually looking out the window. So he was more than surprised when the carriage stopped suddenly and Aura opened the door to get out. 'In a few minutes, yes. I just thought the two of you who have never been here would like to see the Dytholia from a distance. It's pretty amazing.' Before Richard could even move towards the door Lisbeth rushed past him and jumped out, an excited smile on her face and a loud squeal hissing from her lips. Richard shook his head and chuckled softly before following his friend out into the hot sticky air and looked in the direction Aura was pointing. The city of Dytholia was nestled in a wide valley at the base of a very large volcano that hopefully had been inactive for many years. From their vantage point on a nearby hill they could see the entire town as it sprawled out in almost every direction and large buildings with domed tops dotted the horizon. It wasn't as large as the cities Richard was used to back on Earth but it was massive in its own right. 'It's so pretty…' Lisbeth sighed and Richard agreed. It was hard to tell if the city had been built in and around the jungle or if the jungle had sprung up within it. Either way it looked amazing. 'Welcome to the City of Dragons,' Aura said happily and as if on cue five large dragons with riders flew high over their heads and towards the heart of the city. After taking a good long look at the Dark Elf capital they got back in the carriage and headed deep into the city. They passed through residential areas, parks, and markets and every face Richard saw had the same tanned skin Daiya had with long ears that pointed upwards. When children saw their carriage passing by they chased them and by the time they reached the more prestigious looking area of the city they had at least a hundred different kids running behind the carriage just trying to keep up. To get from the outskirts of the city to the palace gates took a little over a half hour and Richard was itching to get out and see this place close up. The smells, the sights, and the people looked so interesting that he was sure he was going to love staying there. A minute before their carriage stopped, this time for good, loud trumpets blared and looking out the windows Richard could see armored men and women standing at attention with long spears held tightly in their hands. Their armor was a dark green and Richard was sure if they had to fight in the jungles that surrounded the city you wouldn't see them coming until they had already run you through. When Richard and the rest stepped out of the carriage onto the front drive of the palace, they saw that flying high above them were a dozen dragons, their riders carrying large lances held straight out. Richard was so amazed by the dragons that he didn't even notice the palace or who had come to greet them until Aura cleared her throat loudly to gain his attention. In front of the massive and beautiful white, brown and green palace that stood eight stories tall were five people flanked by guards on either side. Richard recognized Daiya's father right away with his topknot and muscled physique. Standing to his immediate right was a tall woman with long brown hair and a gentle smile on her lips. She looked a lot like Daiya and judging by the age gap there seemed to be this woman was most likely her mother. Three younger people stood next to the woman, the first was a girl around Richard's age with short brown hair and dressed in a flowing purple dress that rustled in the breeze. Right next to her was a boy who was probably around thirteen and he had a hard look on his face that said he wasn't pleased to be there. Standing beside him was a young girl that Richard also recognized, but only slightly. She had been at the engagement party and Aura had told him that she was Daiya's younger sister. When she looked at Richard she smiled a wide toothy grin and waved to him. 'Welcome, my friends!' King Dycoz announced loudly and Aura led the rest of them in a slight bow of respect. 'I trust your trip was enjoyable?' 'It could have been better, but we survived,' Aura laughed and Richard couldn’t help but glance at Lythia who still seemed to be in a bad mood. 'I see your family is well. You've grown up a lot since the last time I saw you, Princess Nadia.' 'It's good to see you again, Lady Proud,' the oldest girl smiled politely at Aura. 'Are you sure you won't come back to be my personal professor?' 'No sweetie, I'm afraid I can't. What with the academy, being Queen Reiea's personal advisor, and getting my son back to the his normal way of life I don't have much free time.' 'Ah yes,' King Dycoz said and his voice fell on Richard, 'how are you doing after your harrowing experience?' 'When I first learned that Daiya went off and freed you I'll admit that I was pretty upset. She's always doing dangerous things without my permission though, and I'm glad to hear that she and your aunt Lythia brought you back safe and sound.' 'I am really grateful to both of them. Where is Daiya by the way?' 'Down at the nursery,' the king answered while his wife sighed beside him. 'Some of the new hatchlings are real hell raisers and it's keeping her pretty busy. I'm sure she'll catch up with us later, when she is able.' 'And by that my husband means that he is keeping her busy. He might look like a large gruff man, but don't let that you fool you. He's a big softie when it comes to Daiya,' the beautiful woman to his right laughed and nudged her scowling husband in the ribs. 'How about we move this to the dining room? I'm sure you are all hungry after your long journey.' As they were led through the massive stone doors of the palace, Kind Dycoz introduced his family to Richard and Lisbeth, since they were the only two who hadn't met them before. Dycoz's wife was named Rina, the second eldest daughter Nadia, the son's name was Pochiro, and the youngest daughter Saphrin. Aura and Coni made small talk with them as they walked through the open halls of the palace towards a dining hall and Richard walked a few feet back of them, feeling extremely out of place. It was one thing to walk in the palace of Alysia when you were friends with the Queen, and something else entirely to be in a foreign palace that a powerful family lived in; a family that would one day be Richard's family as well. They were seated at a long carved wooden table that was big enough to fit thirty people at it and Dark Elf maids brought out trays of food for everyone. The first course of the meal was a very green and extremely delicious salad that was covered in nuts, fruits, a sort of bitter lettuce like leaf, and drenched in a sweet dressing that was probably made from a fruit extract. It was exactly what he needed though and he was already feeling a little more lively once he had finished it. Which was probably a good thing as the conversation quickly drifted towards him. 'So, Richard, tell me what you think of our kingdom,' Queen Rina asked as a maid picked up her empty tray and left the room with it. 'It's really beautiful. I might have to take a hike through the jungle while I am here.' 'Don't do that,' Princess Saphrin advised politely and smiled at him. 'It's full of big animals that are very dangerous. I don't like it.' 'If anyone can handle himself in the jungle it would be Richard. He stood up to your sister in a duel at her academy and came away as the winner,' King Dycoz said to his little daughter and patted her gently on the head. 'Even if he did refuse to claim the win I still see him as the winner.' 'I highly doubt he fought against Daiya and didn't get knocked out on the first attack,' Princess Nadia drawled and fixed him with a fierce gaze. They might have just met but Richard got the feeling she didn't like him very much. 'Not even Master Hylo can keep up with her anymore, and he's the master of Fire Magic.' 'It's the truth, Nadia,' her father countered and stopped for a moment while the next course was placed in front of him. 'He gave your sister a run for her money and I'm sorry the tournament was postponed. I was really looking forward to seeing his strange magic again.' 'Then why don't we put him to the test?' Nadia growled and stood up from the table. 'How about a duel between he and I? I might not be as strong as Daiya right now but I'm sure I can knock him out no problem.' 'I'd like to see this,' Prince Pochiro said and was actually smiling a little bit. Richard got the feeling that this kid was a lot like Lythia in attitude, which wasn't good. That meant he would have two grumps in his family one day. 'Hmm, it might not be such a bad idea,' the king mused. 'What do you say, Richard?' Richard looked around the table and saw that everyone was looking at him, their stew all but forgotten. He really didn't want to fight anyone and he was glad he had a good excuse as to why he couldn't. He lifted up his left sleeve and pulled his bracer off, putting it down on the table gently so everyone could see the massive dent on it. 'My focus was badly damaged during the raid on the palace,' he explained. 'Daiya tried to fix it up as best she could but said it probably wouldn't hold out for very long. She was going to get her Master to look at it and see if he could fix it for me.' 'Pass it down here,' the Queen said and Richard handed it to Aura who sat next to him. Aura then passed it down the rest of the way and Queen Rina turned it around in her hands a few times, peering at it through half closed eyes as she quietly spoke to herself. 'Master Hylo should be able to fix it,' she answered and Richard felt his heart flutter. 'It's a good thing you mentioned this, Richard. If you had tried to cast a spell with this it probably would have been destroyed. That's if your power is as strong as my husband claims it is.' 'Finding the perfect focus for your style and magic is a very important decision, and replacing one once it has been destroyed is close to impossible. You're very lucky Daiya patched it up as much as she did. Just wearing it was forcing magic into it and I'm sure if it hadn't been for her work it would have disintegrated just from you wearing it. I'll make sure this gets to Master Hylo right after we finish lunch.' 'Thank you, your Majesty,' he sighed in relief and relaxed a little in his chair. He picked up his utensil and spooned some hot stew into his mouth, savoring the taste of meat and gravy. Stew was one of his comfort foods. 'Since we're speaking about Masters, I received a missive from Queen Reiea early this morning regarding the introduction of Richard to one while he is here.' 'For what purpose?' Aura asked softly, 'Richard's magic hasn't been seen in nearly two thousand years, so there's not going to be a Master walking around, is there?' 'No no, there is no Master of Light Magic. At least not until Richard is seen as one. I understand that you received a sword a few days ago and it is Reiea's wish that you train in its use. She asked if I would be so kind to lend you the instructions of one of our finest swords masters. So I set up a training session for later in the afternoon.' 'I'm glad Queen Reiea sent word ahead,' Aura smiled, 'I had forgotten to check with her if that's what she wanted to do. Thank you.' 'I think it's admirable that a mage wants to learn the art of the sword,' the Queen spoke, 'it's very uncommon. I think it's a crucial skill to have though, especially in the kind of times we find ourselves in now.' 'That's if he doesn't cut his hand off by accident,' Lythia added and Prince Pochiro laughed loudly, garnering a dangerous look from his mother. The conversation quickly turned to other things and Richard was free to return to his meal without distraction. He was a little excited to learn to use a sword, but also a little nervous as well. Before he had found that he could use magic he had been thrown into a duel against a stronger mage with Lythia. Since no one knew he could use magic at that point he had been allowed to use a sword in the fight, and as a result he began to learn to use one from Alyssa. Having a professor of magic as your sword teacher could only bring you so far though, and he hadn't even really used the weapon in the duel. With a real swordsman he might just be able to use one properly. Lunch consisted of a total of five courses and by the time it was over Richard felt stuffed to the gills. All the food had been delicious but the company seemed a little lacking. The King and Queen were nice enough to him, as well as their youngest daughter, but the other two children either seemed extremely bored or almost angry at him. He was going to marry their sister, so that probably had something to do with it. Speaking of Daiya, her presence probably would have made lunch much more bearable. By the time they had finished eating and were shown to their private rooms, he still hadn't seen her yet. Richard was hoping to lie in bed for a while and digest the massive meal he had eaten, but he was informed that his new sword teacher was waiting in the courtyard out back. Everyone else was going to get a small tour of the palace while he was meeting with the instructor, which didn't seem all that fair to him. But this was under the request of both Reiea and Aura so he didn't have much of a choice. He had pretty much given his life to those two women when he had decided to come back and he was already paying for it. Richard was led to a large cloistered courtyard out behind the main building of the palace and was greeted by an elderly Dark Elf in regal clothes and leaning on a cane. At first Richard thought his instructor hadn't arrived yet but quickly found that this elderly elf was in fact him. He stood a head shorter than Richard and had to be pushing eighty years old, with lots of wrinkles and milky eyes. Richard feared that a stiff breeze would tip this man over and wondered how exactly he was supposed to train him to wield a sword. 'You must be Lord Proud,' the man wheezed and stuck out a weathered hand. Richard took it and nodded in answer. 'I'm Master Riyo, your sword instructor.' 'It's a pleasure meeting you,' Richard said with as big a smile as he could muster under the circumstances. 'Hmm, I'm sure it is for you,' he grumbled and then slowly hobbled around Richard to get a better look at him. 'I've been told that you have little to no experience with a real sword. Is that true?' 'I trained a little with a wooden sword, but not much beyond that. Is that bad?' 'I usually only teach children who are just starting out. I find that the longer a man waits to learn, the less successful they will be. But no matter, the King himself asked me to take care of his daughters fiance so I don't have much of a choice.' 'Great…' Richard remarked sarcastically as Master Riyo pinched his bicep painfully. The old man did one more circle around him and sighed under his breath before stopping in front of him. 'You look fairly strong, but your balance is all wrong. Stiffen up your trunk and plant your feet at shoulder width. You should never allow your opponent to push you off balance in a battle. If you do, you will die.' Richard did as he was asked and remembered what Alyssa had taught him about forming a strong stance. It still felt pretty awkward to be standing that way but he wasn't going to say that out loud. 'Is this alright?' 'It will do I suppose,' Master Riyo grumbled and took his weight off his cane. 'I see your brought your sword; good. I find the best way to get someone into my training regimen is to just throw them head first into it. Take your sword and try to hit me with it.' 'Sir?' Richard asked as he gripped the hilt of his light sword on the right side of his head. 'Is that really a good idea?' Richard pulled the black blade from the sheath strapped to his back and held it out in front of him, both hands on the hilt. Master Riyo took a box stance six feet away and held his cane out like a sword, his eyes narrowed in concentration. Richard really didn't want to attack him; he looked so frail and weak he was sure it wouldn't be a fair fight. Then again he was a Master Swordsman so there was also the possibility that Richard would get his ass kicked. With a real sword in the students hand there was a real chance of injury, no matter who ended up winning. 'If you consider yourself a man you will strike!' the old man barked and Richard felt annoyance ripple through his blood. 'Are you going to have the Princess do all your fighting for you? Is that why you and she are engaged?' Richard swallowed hard and shifted his grip slightly on the sword, feeling the small amount of weight fall into a better feeling spot in his hands. In a flash he ran forward and drove his sword towards the annoying old man, aiming right for his chest with as much speed and strength as he could muster. It wasn't enough though and he found his strike being deflected to the side easily as Master Riyo pivoted away in a blur and drove the length of his cane into Richard's back hard. 'Sword fighting isn't just about strength; the more you try to push on your opponent the easier it becomes to avoid them!' Richard swung around with his sword flying wildly in an arc, hoping to catch the old geezer off guard. Once more his strike was knocked aside and the cane slammed into his stomach hard enough to make Richard stumble back a few feet. He didn't even have time to get into his stance again as a quick flash of the cane came crashing down on him like lightning, catching him in the side of the head. With his head spinning and a jolt of pain running the length of his jaw, Richard stepped back with his left foot to steady himself and swung out with his sword once more. As the with the other two times, his attack was deflected and the old man stepped into him and shoved the tip of his cane at his throat before stopping a few inches away. 'I've taught toddlers with more grace than you,' Master Riyo griped and moved his cane away from him. 'You have no form, no stance, no balance, no vision, and no knowledge. You seem to think of a sword as a weapon for destruction and death.' 'Isn't it though?' Richard growled through gritted teeth. He was out of breath and starting to sweat profusely from the heat and exertion. 'No, it is not! A sword is an extension of your body the same as magic is! Do you just try to blast your opponent away with as much power as you can in your spells? Actually I wouldn't be surprised if you did! You need to find grace within your strength and speed and see the weapon as something more than a chunk of forged metal.' 'Grace? Maybe I should take up dancing then…' Richard joked but his teacher fixed him with a hard glare and he wiped the smile off of his face. 'How do I do that then?' 'Become water,' the Dark Elf suggested and Richard had to stifle the laugh that was clawing up his throat. 'Water can be the softest thing on earth. It flows unendingly around objects in its way. But water can also be one of the strongest elements as well, powerful enough to cut through solid rock and wash away entire cities. You must become like water, always flowing and adapting. Use your opponents strength against them and then surge forward when an opening is presented. Water is about give and take. Now, let's go again!' For the next four hours Richard was put through the paces by a man four times his age. They dueled over and over again while Master Riyo gave Richard advice on what he was doing wrong and yelling at him when he didn't listen. When they finally ended for the day Richard hadn't landed a single blow on the old man, which was a little disheartening. While Richard huffed and puffed, covered in so much sweat that it ran into his eyes and caused him some discomfort, Master Riyo wasn't even breathing heavily. Which wasn't surprising when you really thought about it; he had been letting Richard do all the work and simply deflecting blows away with little to no effort. Maids brought both men some cold water to drink and they sat down on a stone bench in the courtyard they had been training in, the sun setting behind the thick tropical trees in the distance. The air was starting to cool down and Richard sighed in happiness as the cold water he poured into his body quenched his thirst almost instantly. The Dark Elf's must have added something to their water to give it such a soothing effect. 'We will continue your training tomorrow, first thing in the morning,' Master Riyo told him as he sipped on his tall glass of water. 'Because, I have other lessons during the afternoon; with students who know what they are doing. I only did it this late today because the King asked me too, but after that we meet on my terms. So rest well tonight because the real training begins tomorrow.'

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